The Register Book of the Lands and Houses in the "New Towne" and the Town of Cambridge with the Records of the Proprietors of the Common Lands, being the Records generally called The Proprietors' Records, J Wilson & Son, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1896).


[ ] Sackett: Jn : the Towne one houテ wth backナd aboute halfe aroode: Mathew Allen バuth eaフ Samuell Ston northeaフ James Enナgne north weフ Long フreet バuth weフ
Moore Jn : Cowyard Rowe aboute halfe an acker the Highway to the oyフer bancke northeaフ and バuth eaフ backe lane バuthweフ William Wadヘorth north weフ
Moore one Smale lotthill aboute ffiue Ackers ad halfe William Kelテy バuth weフ Samuell Dudly バuth eaフ Jonathan Boヘorth north eaフ the high way to the Comon Pale n稚h weフ
Moore Jn Longe Marド . aboute one Acker and a Roode Thomas Hoノer northeaフ William Goodwine バuth eaフ Thomas Hooker バuth weフ William Wadヘorth North weフ
Moore Jn the great Marド: aboute ffiue Ackers Antho: Couldbey north weフ Charls River バuth weフ Richard Goodman バutheaフ John White North eaフ

The 10th of Octobr 1635

[Translation of above from Anderson痴 The Great Migration Begins:

In the Cambridge land inventory, on 10 October 1635, [blank] Sackett [i.e., Simon痴 widow] held five parcels: in the town one house with backside, about half a rood; half an acre in Cowyard Row; five acres on Smalllot Hill; one acre and a rood in Long Marsh; and five acres in the Great Marsh [CaBOP 33].]

[Anderson states later:

She [Simon痴 widow] married (2) William Bloomfield of Cambridge and Hartford [CaBOP 59, 80, 84 show that William Bloomfield sold to Robert Stedman a lot that had belonged to Simon Sackett].]

CaBOP 59:

Robart Steedman. Bought of William Blomfield one houテ with backナde aboute halfe a Roode. Thomas Cheドolme Southeaフ the widdowe ffanning northweフ, Long フreet Southweフ.

CaBOP 80:

Nathaniell Sparrowhauke
Itm In the Towne about halfe a rood of ground, the meeting houテ Eaフ, Robte Stedman バuth, Edward Goffe weフ Spring フreet north.

CaBOP 84:

Edward Goffe
Itm In the towne one dwelling houテ with about one rood of ground, Robert Stedman バutheaフ Wood フreet northweフ. Long フreet バuthweフ パring フreet north eaフ.