Kentish Gazette, 21 May 1771
"Margate Machine.
Henry Sackett,
Late Coachman and Servant to Mr. William Brett.
Having taken the Machine, Chaise, &c. of Mr. Benjamin Beale, and provided himself with complete Sets of fine fresh Horses, proposes to set off from Margate, on Monday the 27th Instant May, with a Machine and four able Horses, to the Red Lion Inn, in Canterbury, and returns to Margate the same Evening, immediately after the Coaches and Machines arrive from London, and so to continue every Day, during the Season, each Passenger to pay
To and from Margate and Canterbury 0 4s. 0d.
As Mr. Sackett is well known, for his particular Care and Attention, by most of the Gentry travelling in this part of the Country, he flatters himself that his former Behaviour will entitle him to their future Favours, as he is determined to execute every Order with the utmost Punctuality, which his Friends and the Public in general shall confer upon him.
Neat Post Chaise, with Able Horses, to any part of England.
Post Chaise from Margate to Canterbury 12s."