Will of Thomas Sackett of Hereson, St Lawrence, Kent, 14 June 1844, proved in the Canterbury, 7 August 1858 (Somerset House Indexes, unknown repository reference). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

Index entry—
Thomas Sackett, shipwright, of Hereson, St Lawrence, Kent, died 30 August 1857 at Hereson. Will proved at Canterbury. Personal estate under £100. Executors: John Bevis, Westmarsh, Ash next Sandwich, Gent., & George Martin Hinds, Ramsgate, surveyor.

Thomas Sackett, of Hereson, St Lawrence, Thanet, Kent. Shipwright. Died 30 Aug 1857 at Hereson.

• Wife Mary Sackett—all personal property for her sole use & disposal; freehold property on trust for life.

• Children—Sarah Ansel Ratcliff, Thomas Sackett, Mary Sackett, Elizabeth Sackett, William Sackett, George Sackett, or their issue—freehold property to be sold within 1 year of death of wife & proceeds to be divided equally between them. If any die without issue, survivors to share. "Sarah Ansell Ratcliff shall be construed & taken to be daughter in wedlock."

Executors: John Bevis of Ramsgate, Thanet; George Martin Hinds of Ramsgate.

Witnesses: Josh. Blackburn, Edward Philpott.