Will of John Sackett of St John's, Thanet, Kent, 21 July 1831, proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 12 June 1834 (National Archives, PROB 11-1833-369). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

John Sackett, gent, of Margate, St John the Baptist, Thanet, Kent.
• Wife Ann—for life, the free use & enjoyment of all my household goods, furniture, plate, linen, china & implements of household & also the rents, issues & profits of all my messuages lands tenements & real estate, & the dividends, interest, income & proceeds of all my monies etc. subject to the payment thereout of all my just debts & funeral & testamentary expenses.
     —freehold messuage or tenement & dwelling house with appurtenances situate in Hawley Sq. Margate & household contents.
• Dau Mary Sackett—for own absolute use & benefit, £1700 invested in the names of Edward Boyes the elder & S__ Osborne the elder in trust for Mary until the death of wife Ann. This will be equivalent to property given to son-in-law John Swinford upon marriage to dau Ann.
• John Swinford—for life, freehold storehouse & premises in the Dane in Margate (mow in John Swinford's occupation), with reversion to his sons John Sackett Swinford & Daniel Swinford.
• All remaining land & buildings to dau Mary & Edward Dering, Gent of Margate—to be sold & money to go to a trust for Mary & wife Ann.
• Within 6 mths of wife's death, £100 to be invested in government funds in trust for John Sackett Swinford to inherit at 21.
• Ditto £150 for my g-sons Daniel Swinford, Stephen Swinford, Henry Swinford, sons of John Swinford, each to inherit their third part at 21.
• Residue divided between dau Mary, & 4 g-sons & g-dau Ann Swinford, children of my late dau Ann Swinford (equal shares).
• Edward Dering—20 guineas.
• Executors—wife Ann, dau Mary, & Edward Dering.
• Witnesses—Wm Brooks, Geo Anderson, Saml Pointon.

Codicil, dated 8 Oct 1831
• Godson John Sackett Hooper, son of late Herbert Hooper of Sandwich—my half part in number [gap] Stiga? St., Ramsgate & land behind purchased of Jacob Sawkins Esq.
• Witnesses—Edw. Dering, Thos Pole?, Geo Anderson.