153. Deborah Sackett, 1746–1769, daughter of (32) Rev. Samuel and Hannah Hazard Sackett, was married, Nov. 11, 1766, to Benjamin Peck, 1740–1806, of Greenwich, Conn., son of Theophilus Peck and his wife Elisabeth Mead.
William Peck, about 1600–1694, the colonist ancestor of Benjamin Peck, the husband of Deborah Sackett, was bred a merchant in England. He came from London to Boston in 1637, and settled at New Haven in 1638. he was chosen deacon of the church there in 1659, and was long known as Deacon William Peck, of New Haven.
Rev. Jeremiah Peck, 1623–1699, son of above, was born in England and died at Waterbury, Conn. He was married, Nov. 12, 1656, to Johannah Kitchell, of Guilford, Conn., where he was at the time teaching school. He subsequently taught in the grammar and Colony school at New Haven, after which he became a minister of the Congregational Church. He preached at Saybrook, Conn., from 1761 (sic) to 1765 (sic), and then for about a year at Guilford, after which he removed to Newark, New Jersey, and became interested in a large tract of land in Elizabeth, N. J. In 1672 he became one of the twenty-seven proprietors of the common lands in Greenwich, Conn. He subsequently preached for about a year at Greenwich and then located at Waterbury.
Samuel Peck, 1659–1696, son of Rev. Jeremiah and Johannah Kitchell Peck, was married to Rachel Ferris. They resided at Greenwich and were the parents of Theophilus Peck, of Greenwich, born in 1701, who was the father of Benjamin Peck who married Deborah Sackett.

Only child of Benjamin and Deborah Sackett Peck.

466. Deborah Peck, b. Feb. 5, 1768, d. Nov. 23, 1838; m. Platt Mead.

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America