28 July 1931, p. 2.
The Editor, "The Canberra Times."
Sir,—On June 27, the acting-Secretary to the Department of Home Affairs was advised, by letter as to whom we had selected as our representative to the inquiry. [Transcriber's note: Further articles show this inquiry to be about the cost of bread e.g. 22 May, p. 1 & 29 July 1931, p. 3]
On July 9 we received a reply accepting our nomination on consideration that there would be no allowances made, for travelling expenses.
In our reply on July 13, we considered that these allowances were only reasonable, as the inquiry had not been called for by the bakers.
We have had no settlement concerning this matter as yet. We might state that our representative, who is very financially interested in one of the Canberra bakery businesses is a very busy man and has to travel from Sydney to be present at the inquiry.
Your report of July 24 states that Mr. Townsend, who is to act as independent chairman to the inquiry, has been collecting data relative to same. May we state that no data has been collected on the master bakers' behalf. Neither do we think that a gentleman of this status would consider any unfair action, as his role of office is to adjudicate on the evidence brought forward by the representative of consumer and manufacturer at the inquiry.
Yours, &c,
For and on behalf of the bakers of Canberra. Queanbeyan, July 27, 1931."