Will of Richard Sackett of East Northdown, St John in Thanet, Kent, 4 August 1789, proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 5 September 1789 (Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-101-420). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

Abstract of will of Richard Sackett, gentleman, East Northdown, St John the Baptist, Thanet, Kent, 4 August 1789[?]

Servant Elizabeth Goodson, spinster for life, "my Mansion House wherein I now dwell & have for many years dwelt" & Great Stable, etc., garden, orchard, 1 acres of pasture, & all furniture, etc. except plate & linen, & 40 annual rent from Dane Court farm.
Granddaughter Sarah, wife of John Tomlin ygr. [but see correction in Codicil] house & garden in St Lawrence, now in tenure of George Long.
Cousin Sackett Wood of Street, St John's, yeoman, and "much esteemed friend" Mr John Abbott of St Dunstan, nr. Canterbury, brewer Trustees of residue of Real Estate in trust for granddaughter Sarah for her life & then reversion to her children.

If granddaughter dies without living children, then reversion as follows:
Late wife's sister Mary, wife of Thos Thurston of Willesborough, gent. Manor of Dane Court, St Peter's, now occupied by Peter Cramp.
John Cleveland of St Peter's, yeoman Sackett's Hill house & farm, which he now occupies.
Cousin John Underdown of Joss, St Peter's Mansion House, cottages, land etc. at East Northdown occupied by myself & John Tomlin elder, subject to bequest to Elizabeth Goodson.
Cousin Sackett Wood house, farm, etc. at West Northdown, now occupied by John Tomlin elder, lately purchased from heirs of Roger Omer.
Cousin Friend Tomlin house, farm, etc. at West Northdown, now occupied by John Tomlin, partly purchased from George Tomlin & Friend Tomlin, & partly inherited from uncle Cornelius Tomlin.
Mary, wife of Thomas Thurston, & James & Samuel Flint, sons of late wife's sister Sarah Flint, dec., late wife of James Flint half shares each as tenants in common in Martin Farm, East Langdon, now occupied by James Denne, & in my quarter part of marshland at Cheine[?] Court, Ivychurch, Liberty of Romney Marsh.
John Tomlin elder 6 acres woodland at Swacliffe [sic], & house & farm at East Northdown in occupation of John Baker, lately purchased from John Perkins.
John Cleveland of Sackett's Hill house & garden at West Northdown, occupied by Stephen Faseham[?].
John Underdown residue of Real Estate.

Beneficiaries (continued)
Servant Thomas Cleveland 20
Trustees & executors Sackett Wood & John Abbott 20 each.
They are not to be excused any debts due, but John Abbott is not to be troubled to pay his debt before it is convenient.
To receive the rents until Sarah and/or her husband are 21 years old & to manage the estate for them. Leases are not to exceed 14 years, except for Dane Court to Peter Cramp.
When John Tomlin ygr [see Codicil] is 21 years old, Sarah & John Tomlin are to have full possession of Dane Court.

Sladden Wells, William _?_, John Daniel

Codicil dated 21 August 1789
Thomas Cleveland revoke bequest of 20; instead give him and his wife house & land at East Northdown now occupied by Thomas Cleveland, & 20 per year to be paid from the real estate bequeathed to John Tomlin.
Had mistakenly called husband of granddaughter Sarah, John Tomlin ygr, but his name is really Robert Tomlin.
Sladden Wells, William Barwick, John Daniel

Archdeaconry Court, Canterbury, 5 September 1789