Will of Henry Sackett of Kennington Green, Lambeth, Surrey, 15 June 1807, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 13 April 1815 (National Archives, PRO PROB 11/??). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

Henry Sackett, Esquire, of Kennington Green in the parish of St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey

son John Henry Sackett—his watch & chain;
Mrs Mary Burnett, Long Lane, Bermondsey—£10;
Mrs Hannah Preston, widow, if she survives him—£10—otherwise to her daughter Hannah Preston;
each and every grandchild living—£10 plus a ring or token in his memory to value 2 guineas;
Rev John Townshend, Minister of the Gospel; friend Nathaniel Beckford; brother Ambrose Sackett; sons-in-law John Preston & Benjamin Walmsley; George Lee of Rotherhithe; Mrs Mary Burnett; Mrs Hannah Preston; Capt William Black & his wife Sarah—each a ring of value 2 gns;
brother Ambrose Sackett for his own use—£200;
Ambrose Sackett, John Preston, Benjamin Walmsley, and George Lee, his Trustees & Executors hereafter named—£50 each for their burden;
Mrs Mary Robbins of Walworth, widow—£50 plus a 2 gns mourning ring;
John Preston—£200;
Ambrose Sackett, John Preston, Benjamin Walmsley, & George Lee upon trust for the benefit of his daughter Mary Walmsley for life, thereafter Benjamin Walmsley & then their children—£2,000;
Ambrose Sackett, John Preston, Benjamin Walmsley, & George Lee upon trust £2,000 together with all freehold & leasehold land & property to be sold as soon as may be & the proceeds to be invested in the funds at interest, & all his personal effects & money remaining after legacies, funeral expenses etc. for the benefit of his son John Henry Sackett & his daughters Ann Preston & Mary Walmsley in equal parts.

[Complicated arrangements of trusts covering four pages of manuscript]

A codicil signed and dated 7 September 1813 at Margate recognised the death of his brother Ambrose, but made no other changes.