Will of Robert Sackett of St John in Thanet, Kent, 16 February 1660, proved in the Canterbury Archdeaconry Court, 25 March 1664 (Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-72-94). (Researched by Marion Sackett & Michael Callé (from IGHS Tyler Collection)).

ROBERT SACKETT     [Abstract by M. Callé, extended from IHGS Tyler Collection Abstracts by M. Sackett]
Dated 16 Feb 1660          Proved 25 Mar 1664
Yeoman; St. John Baptist, Isle of Thanet

Sister’s son = Leonard AUSTEN of Woodnesborough near Sandwich – 4 small tenements & stables at Margate; 8 acres arable land at Bacon Dane now occupied by John WILLSON. Residue. Executor.
Sister = Alice widow of William ROBINSON     
Sister = Ellin widow of James OWIN dec’d          to share equally £10 to be paid half yearly to them
Sister = Margaret widow of Daniel JENKIN          by Leonard AUSTEN, & to the longest lived.
Sister = Elizabeth wife of William GILLOWE     
Sister Alice’s 6 children               £6 apiece
Sister Ellin’s 6 children               £6 apiece
Sister Margaret’s 6 children          £39 shared as follows :-
     John JARVIS                    £14
     Mary, wife of Peter SWINFORD          £6
     Margaret, wid of Philimon CHAMBERLAIN     £6
     Thomas JENKIN               40/-
     Daniel JENKIN, his brother          £6
     Sarah JENKIN, wife of John BARRET     £5
Sister Elizabeth GILLOW’s children
     Elizabeth wife of Vincent DENN          £6
     Mildred wife of John PAINE          £6
5 children of kinsman Edward JARVIS dec’d
     John & Margaret JARVIS          40/- each
     Daniel, Edward & Joane JARVIS     10/- each
Witnesses:     Richard SACKETT, Richard GENVEY M.P.