9. William Sacket, 1662-1700, of Westfield, Mass., son of (4) John and Abigail Hannum Sacket, was married December 26, 1687, to Sarah Crain, who a short time thereafter died without issue. In 1689 he was married to Hannah Graves, daughter of Isaac Graves and Hannah Church. In the winter of 1699-1700 he was drowned in the Connecticut River near Deerfield on his return from a wedding he had been attending with a party of relatives and friends.

Thomas Graves, colonist the grandfather of Hannah Graves Sacket, came to New England accompanied by his wife and several almost or quite grown up sons previous to the year 1631, presumably in one of the vessels of Governor Winthrop's fleet in 1630. Very soon thereafter he erected a dwelling house a few miles inland from Boston. It is recorded in the ancient records of the Colony that when, on March 6, 1632-3, the "line of division between Newtown and Charlestown" was established, it was determined that "the neck whereon Mr. Graves' house standeth shall belong to Newtown."
When in 1636 Mr. Hooker and the larger number of the inhabitants of Newtown removed to Hartford, George Graves, one of the sons of Thomas, joined the migrating company. An account of their memorable journey has been given in the biographical sketch of (1) Simon Sackett, colonist, and his wife Isabel.
The name of George Graves appears engraved on the monument erected, some sixty years since, to the memory of the "Founders of Hartford," in the ancient burying ground of that city. A few years after the date of the Hooker migration, Thomas Graves, with his wife and several children - including his son Isaac - removed from Newtown, then called Cambridge, to Hartford.
Isaac Graves, son of Thomas, the colonist, was married at Hartford about the year 1645 to Mary Church. In 1656 they removed to Hatfield and later to Hadley, where on January 24, 1666, their daughter Hannah, who married William Sacket, was born.
Richard Church, colonist, and his wife Annie, were at Hartford in 1637, and removed from there in 1660 to Hadley, where he died in December, 1667. In his will he mentions his daughter "Hannah, wife of Isaac Graves."

Children of William Sacket and Hannah Graves.

44. Joseph Sacket, b. May 1690, d. in 1756; m. Abigail ___.
45. Hannah Sacket, b. June 1692.
46. Rebecca Sacket, b. Sept. 18, 1694, d. Sept. 15, 1782; m. T. Dewey.
47. Jonathan Sacket, b. Mar. 20, 1696; d. Sept. 1, 1773; m. Ann Filer.