12. Hannah Sacket, 1669-1749, daughter of (4) John and Abigail Hannum Sacket, was married in April, 1688, to Thomas Dewey, 1664-1690, of Westfield, Mass. On May 3, 1691, she was married to her second husband, Capt. Benjamin Newbury, 2nd, 1669-1709. Previous to the year 1719 she was married to her third husband, a Mr. Merryman.

Hon. Thomas Newbury, colonist, grandfather of Capt. Benj. Newbury, 2nd, came from England in 1634, and was one of the Assistants in the Government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in 1636, and died that year leaving property valued at £1520, 4, 7.

Capt. Benjamin Newbury, 1st, father of Capt. Benjamin Newbury, 2nd, was born in England and came to America with his father in 1634. He was married, June 11, 1646, to Mary Allen, daughter of Hon. Matthew Allen.

Hon. Matthew Allen was one of the early residents of Newtown, Mass., where in 1632-3 he built a house for himself and family, adjoining that of the colonist Simon Sackett. Paige, in his "History of Cambridge." quoting from records made by Hinman & Hazard, says:

"Allen, Matthew, was here, in 1632, and in 1635 he owned the estate at N. W. corner of Winthrop and Dunster streets. He also owned the opposite corner, south of Winthrop street. He was a deputy in the General Court. 3 March, 1635-6, removed to Connecticut with Hooker, and settled at Windsor, where he died in 1670, having had children John, Thomas and Mary. Mr. Allen sustained a high rank with his fellow colonists; held several town offices, and served as Juror, Deputy Magistrate, and Assistant in the Colony Government. He was also appointed by the Colony, in 1660 and 1664, one of the Commissioners of the United Colonies, an office fully equal in dignity and importance to that of Senator in the Congress of the United States."

Children of Capt. Benjamin and Hannah Sacket Newbury.

49. Benjamin Newbury, b. Jan. 31, 1693, d. Sept. 24, 1709.
50. Roger Newbury, b. June 24, 1706.
51. Marah Newbury, b. Feb. 3, 1709, d. June 5, 1753.

óWeygant, The Sacketts of America