20. Lieut. Joseph Sackett, 1660-17__, of New Haven, Conn., son of (5) John and Agnes Tinkham Sackett, was married about the year 1685 to his first wife, Anne. On May 18, 1710, he was married to his second wife, Hanna Denison, daughter of James Denison and his wife Bethiah Boykin. In 1794 the General Assembly of Connecticut, in reorganizing the militia for active service "against the common enemy." appointed "Sergeant Joseph Sackett to be Lieutenant of the soldiers raised in the county of New Haven for this service."

He was administrator of the estates of his parents and served as such until July 8, 1712, when he filed his report and was discharged. On January 1, 1717, he was chosen by his nephew John Sackett, a minor son of Lieut. John Sackett, as his guardian.

Jarvis Boykin, colonist, came from Charington in Kent. England, to Charlestown, Mass., in the year 1635. In 1639 he removed to New Haven, Conn., where in April 1643, his daughter Bethia was married to James Denison.

Children of Lt. Joseph Sackett and his wife Anne:
79. Anne Sackett, b. in August, 1687.
80. Sarah Sackett, b. Nov. 23, 1691.

Child of Lt. Joseph Sackett and Hannah Denison Sackett:
81. Joseph Sackett, b. Oct. 27, 1712.