Pennsylvania deaths

14 records (database being compiled)

  • "Brown, Margaretta E Garner, d. 90 E Logan St, Philadelphia, PA, 6 Sep 1919, widow, b. 28 Dec 1831, age 87-8-8, b. NY City, father Henry Garner b. England, mother Elizabeth Mc? Mackin b. Penna, informant Mary S Koch, 90 E Logan, cause general paralysis, bur. Cedar Hill, 10 Sep 1919."
  • "Brownfield, Elizabeth S, d. 12 Nutt Ave, Uniontown, Fayette County, PA, 26 Jun 1926, widowed, b. Penna, 9 May 1839, age 87-1-17, housewife, father Samuel Sackett b. PA, mother Priscilla Colwell b. PA, informant B B Brownfield of Uniontown, cause chronic interstitial myocarditis, bur. Oak Grove, 29 Jun 1926." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Cady, Mrs Charlott H, d. 1408 Penna Ave W, Warren, Warren County, PA, 10 Oct 1909, b. Rotland [Rutland] VT, 30 Jan 1823, age 86-8-10, widowed, father Frederick Hammond b. VT, mother Electa Sacket b. VT, informant Mrs S C Peterson, Sheffield, PA, cause cirrhosis of liver, bur. Youngsville Cemetery, 12 Oct 1909."
  • "Hammond, Frank G, d. Pittsfield, Warren County, PA, 22 Mar 1914, b. Cattaraugus, NY, 9 Apr 1838, age 75-11-13, married, occ. Justice of Peace, father Frederick Hammond, mother Electa Sackett, informant Mrs R G Campbell, Pittsfield, cause cirrhosis of liver, contributory over-eating & sedentary habits, bur. Riverside Cem, Pittsfield, 25 Mar 1914."
  • "McGuire, Ida May, d. Erie, Erie County, PA, 20 Dec 1936, res. 2432 East Ave, 5th Ward, b. Phillipsville, PA, 9 Aug 1864, 72-4-11, married, wife of Jesse McGuire, father Casper Titus b. PA, mother Marion Sackett b. PA, informant Donald J Peterson, cause generalized arteriosclerosis of heart & vascular system resulting from senility, bur. Erie Cem, 23 Dec 1936."
  • "Sackett, Blair, d. Fairview Private Hospital, Bradford, McKean County, PA, 24 Sep 1937, res. Bradford 35y, res. 116 High St, 5th Ward, married, b. 3 Mar 1868, age 69-6-21, retired, Tuna Mfg Mill (for 35y), last worked Apr 1935, b. Tyrone, PA, father Robert Lee Sackett b. USA, mother Sarah Jane Jackson b. USA, informant wife Lola L Sackett, Bradford, cause carcinoma of bladder, bur. Salem, Jefferson County, PA, 26 Sep 1937." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Charles S, d. Borough of Sharpesville, Mercer County, PA, 27 Aug 1932, res. 1645 Hall Ave, widowed, b. Wayne, OH, 10 Nov 1858, age 73-9-17, retired farmer, father Simon Sackett b. unknown, mother unknown, informant L A Sackett, cause apoplexy, bur. New Lyme, Ohio, 30 Aug 1932."
  • "Sackett, Elizabeth S, d. Freeman Nursing Home, Great Bend, Susquehanna County, PA, 30 Apr 1954, res. Main Street, Hallstead, Susq., PA, widowed, b. 7 Jan 1879, age 75, housewife, b. Durham, England, father Isaac Dawes, mother Emily Downing, informant Mrs Lawrence Lord, Great Bend, cause cerebral hemorrhage, bur. 3 May 1954, Squires Cemetery, Hop Bottom, Susq. Co., PA."
  • "Sackett, Kathryn, d. Scranton, Lackawanna County, PA, 28 Oct 1934, res. 1129 Watson St, married, wife of Samuel E Sackett, b. 3 Apr 1869, age 65-6-25, housewife, b. Farmington, PA, father Amzi Hagar b. Farmington, mother Mary Margaret Ulery b. Brownfield PA, informant Samuel E Sackett, 1129 Watson St, Scranton, cause myocarditis, bur. Mountain Valley Cem, Hallstead, PA, 31 Oct 1934."
  • "Sackett, Mrs Mary E, d. Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA, 2 Apr 1928, res. 1810 Chestnut St, 9th Ward, widowed, b. New York City, 6 Jun 1857, 70-9-26, occ. at home, husband Henry A Sackett, father John Sweeney b. Ireland, mother Elizabeth Courtney b. Ireland, informant Mrs E Kraemer, 1810 Chestnut St, cause sarcoma of liver, bur. Mont Clair Heights, NJ, 4 Apr 1928." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Myron Ward, d. Liberty St, Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 12 Jan 1916, married, b. Ohio, 24 Oct 1842, age 73-2-19, occ. Supreme Recorder AOUW, father Ward E Sackett b. America, mother Fid[e]lia Turner b. America, informant Edgar Sackett, Meadville, cause cerebral hemorrhage, bur. Greendale, 15 Jan 1916." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Neal Cameron, d. Stonycreek, Cambria County, PA, 12 Dec 1931, res. Fern Ave, RD#3, b. Rochester, NY, 21 Oct 1891, age 40-1-21, salesman, married, wife Iva Porter, father Charles Sackett b. OH, mother Clara Knowles b. OH, informant Mrs Iva Sackett, Fern Ave, cause strangulation by hanging self with small hemp rope; was found in outbuilding some distance from home in Stonycreek; suicide, bur. Grandview Cem, 15 Dec 1931."
  • "Sackett, Samuel Edwin, d. Button Rest Home, Rural Springville Twp, Susquehanna County, PA, 10 Feb 1954, res. Main Street, Hallstead, Susquehanna County, married, b. 24 May 1869, age 84, railroad engineer, b. Liberty Twp, Susquehanna County, father Edwin Sackett, mother Lydia Osterhout, informant Elna L Ball, Nicholson, PA, cause broncho-pneumonia, cerebro-vascular acc., bur. 13 Feb 1954, Mt Valley Cemetery, Liberty Twp."
  • "Sackett, William Harvy, d. Saegertown, Crawford County, PA, 10 Apr 1939, b. Saegertown, 25 Jul 1859, age 79-8-15, blacksmith, widower of Hattie Sackett, father Jacob Thomas Sackett b. Saegertown, mother Mary Jane Woodring b. Saegertown, informant Ralph Sackett of Saegertown, cause diabetes mellitus, bur. Saegertown, 12 Apr 1939." [Abstract from Ancestry image]

"Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906–1964", digital image, Ancestry. ( (Researched by Chris Sackett).